4 papers accepted for INTERSPEECH 2022 in Incheon, Korea

We are very proud to announce that 4 research papers authored by members of the AGH Signal Processing Group were accepted for presentation at the Annual Conf. Int. Speech Communication Association (INTERSPEECH) to be held in September of 2022 in Incheon, South Korea.

  1. Julitta Bartolewska, Stanisław Kacprzak, Konrad Kowalczyk, “Refining DNN-based Mask Estimation using CGMM-based EM Algorithm for Multi-channel Noise Reduction“, accepted for INTERSPEECH 2022.
  2. Magdalena Rybicka, Jesus Villalba, Najim Dehak, Konrad Kowalczyk, “End-to-End Neural Speaker Diarization with an Iterative Refinement of Non-Autoregressive Attention-based Attractors“, accepted for INTERSPEECH 2022.
  3. Mieszko Fraś, Marcin Witkowski, Konrad Kowalczyk, “Convolutive Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filter Front-end for Distant Automatic Speech Recognition in Reverberant Multispeaker Scenarios“, accepted for INTERSPEECH 2022.
  4. Mateusz Guzik, Konrad Kowalczyk, “NTF of Spectral and Spatial Features for Tracking and Separation of Moving Sound Sources in Spherical Harmonic Domain“, accepted for INTERSPEECH 2022.