Taught courses

Signal Processing Group is offering courses which consist of lectures, exercises, laboratories, and/or projects for the following study programs:

Courses offered by members of the Signal Processing Group:

  • Signal Processing (B. Eng. level)
  • Digital Signal Processing (B. Eng. level)
  • Advanced Techniques in Signal Processing (M.Sc. level)
  • Statistical Signal Processing in Audio and Speech Applications (Ph.D. level)
  • Information Technologies (B. Eng. level)
  • Speech Technology (B. Eng. level)
  • Biometry (B. Eng. level)
  • Multimedia Technics (B. Eng. level)
  • Data Analysis and Pattern Recognition (M.Sc. level)
  • Computational Techniques (B. Eng. level)
  • Image Processing (B. Eng. level)
  • Image Recognition (M.Sc. level)
  • Electronics in Medicine (B. Eng. level)
  • Object-oriented Programming (B. Eng. level)
  • Object-oriented Programming Languages (B. Eng. level)
  • Databases (B. Eng. level)
  • Design and Development of High-level Object-oriented Software (B. Eng. level)
  • Design laboratory (B. Eng. level)

For an overview information about each of the courses, please visit http://syllabuskrk.agh.edu.pl/en .
For detailed information and course material for the respective lectures/exercises/laboratories/projects please visit https://upel.agh.edu.pl/ .