The Signal Processing Group expertise concentrates on application of advanced signal processing and machine learning to speech, audio, and biomedical signal processing. The group performs basic and applied research as well as provides consultancy and technology support for the industry.

In the field of speech and audio signal processing, the group’s research is centered around communication, multimedia, Internet of Things, and virtual reality applications. The group develops intelligent voice enhancement for voice communication and human-computer interfaces (HCI) based on broad expertise in speech enhancement, noise reduction, dereverberation, multichannel signal extraction, signal quality restoration, and signal separation. Furthermore, our competencies include source localization from various microphone arrays and in distributed settings, applied among others in drone-based rescue. Over the years the group has built broad expertise in the analysis and processing of speech including speaker verification, diarization, language recognition, emotion recognition, speech synthesis and automatic speech recognition. In addition, our expertise concerns spatial audio processing, spatial sound rendering over headphones or loudspeakers, with applications ranging from home cinema, automotive, to virtual and augmented reality. In the context of the latter applications, the research interests concentrate on user experience when interacting with robots and virtual humans. The final research area is biomedical signal processing including EEG signal and image processing for medical applications.

The Signal Processing Group welcomes opportunities from the industry to participate in R&D projects, provide consultancy and technology verification, licensing of developed technology, as well as support with implementation of signal processing in customer products (Contact for industry). The group also welcomes research opportunities from international academic partners interested in co-operations and joint applications for research projects.