3 papers presented at EUSIPCO 2021

Join AGH Signal Processing group at the European Signal Processing Conference 2021 and visit 3 presentations by Stanisław Kacprzak, Marcin Witkowski, and former group member Daniel Krause on the outcome of two current projects MLSAP and APDAS:

  1. Stanisław Kacprzak will talk about Adversarial Domain Adaptation with Paired Examples for Acoustic Scene Classification on Different Recording Devices on August the 27th.
  2. Marcin Witkowski will talk about Sparse Linear Prediction-based Dereverberation for Signal Enhancement in Distant Speaker Verification on August the 26th.
  3. Daniel Krause will talk about Data Diversity for Improving DNN-based Localization of Concurrent Sound Events on August the 24th.