2 papers presented at INTERSPEECH 2021

Join us at INTERSPEECH 2021 conference in Brno, where Magdalena Rybicka and Mieszko Fraś will give 2 in-person oral presentations on:

  1. Spine2Net: SpineNet with Res2Net and Time-Squeeze-and-Excitation Blocks for Speaker Recognition by Magdalena Rybicka, Jesús Villalba, Piotr Żelasko, Najim Dehak, and Konrad Kowalczyk during the session: Embedding and Network Architecture for Speaker Recognition on Tuesday, August 31, 13:30-15:30.
  2. Combating Reverberation in NTF-Based Speech Separation Using a Sub-Source Weighted Multichannel Wiener Filter and Linear Prediction by Mieszko Fraś, Marcin Witkowski, and Konrad Kowalczyk during the session: Source Separation III on Friday, September 3, 11:00-13:00.

Photos added during the presentations at INTERSPEECH 2021:

Magdalena Rybicka talk
Mieszko Fraś talk