Signal Processing Group

Welcome to the AGH Signal Processing Group

The Signal Processing Group is part of the Institute of Electronics, which belongs to the Faculty of Computer Science, Electronics and Telecommunications at AGH University of Krakow, Poland. Group members perform research into various aspects of digital signal processing (DSP) focusing mainly on speech and audio signal processing for the Internet of Things (IoT), multimedia and communication applications, as well as the processing of biomedical signals and audio-video for virtual and augmented reality. Research into signal processing builds upon an intelligent integration of classical DSP techniques, statistical signal processing and machine learning.

The Signal Processing Group is led by Associate Professor Konrad Kowalczyk and it consists of over a dozen of the members of academic staff and research students at a Ph.D. level. The DSP team collaborates internationally with renown academic partners and nationally with the local high-tech industry, and has successfully completed a number of research and commercial R&D projects. The group offers fundamental and advanced taught courses on signal processing, DSP, machine learning, and programming for embedded and multimedia applications at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The Signal Processing Group regularly offers student jobs in research and R&D projects, as well as provides a breadth of opportunities for thesis work and student internships.

Signal Processing Group present at Małopolska Noc Naukowców 2020

The Signal Processing Group representative mgr inż. Marcin Witkowski takes part in Małopolska Noc Naukowców as co-presenter in the AGH Faculty of IET session. All preparations for this year’s event, similarly to the previous editions, have been made by Marcin who will also be the sole presenter from our group. This year’s event will be […]

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NCN Miniatura grant for DSP team member

Dr Magdalena Cybulska-Igras received funding from the National Science Centre (NCN) to perform a study on public presentations in interactive virtual environments, in which she will look into the influence of audience behaviour on the presenter using biometric approach. Congratulations Magda.

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Presentation at INTERSPEECH 2020

On Thursday, October the 29th, mgr inż. Magdalena Rybicka will present the paper entitled “On Parameter Adaptation in Softmax-based Cross-Entropy Loss for Improved Convergence Speed and Accuracy in DNN-based Speaker Recognition” at the INTERSPEECH 2020 conference. Congratulations Magda on paper acceptance and great presentation.

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Three new Ph.D. students joining the Signal Processing Group

We are very happy to welcome 3 new Ph.D. students admitted to the AGH Doctoral School, who will be associated with the Signal Processing Group. Mgr inż. Julitta Bartolewska and mgr inż. Mieszko Fraś will join the APDAS project at Ph.D. positions, while mgr inż. Mateusz Guzik will take the Ph.D. position in the MLSAP […]

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