dr inż. Jakub Gałka

Assistant Professor

Contact details:
office: C2 Building, Room 419
phone: +48 12-617-50-68
email: jgalka@agh.edu.pl


Jakub Gałka is an assistant professor at the Department of Electronics, AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków in the Signal Processing Group. His area of research interests includes digital signal and multimedia processing, machine learning and deep learning for speech and audio processing especially for applied solutions. He has participated in many national and international research and development projects. Recently he has been involved in R&D projects in the field of voice biometrics, spoken dialogue systems, music and audio processing. Co-founder of Techmo sp. z o.o. spin-off which deals with commercialization of voice technologies. He is also involved in the cooperation with several other Tech  companies as R&D manager and consultant. He is a graduate of the Top 500 Innovators internship program at Stanford University, CA, USA. In his work he combines research with business practice. He supports innovative activities among students, the academic community and business partners.