3 papers accepted for IEEE ICASSP 2022

We are very happy that 3 papers authored by members of AGH Signal Processing Group were accepted for presentation at IEEE ICASSP 2022 conference.

Stanisław Kacprzak, Magdalena Rybicka, Konrad Kowalczyk, “Spoken Language Recognition with Cluster-based Modeling“, accepted for IEEE ICASSP 2022.

Mieszko Fraś, Marcin Witkowski, Konrad Kowalczyk, “Convolutional Weighted Minimum Mean Square Error Filter for Joint Source Separation and Dereverberation“, accepted for IEEE ICASSP 2022.

Mateusz Guzik, Konrad Kowalczyk, “Wishart Localization Prior on Spatial Covariance Matrix in Ambisonic Source Separation using Non-negative Tensor Factorization“, accepted for IEEE ICASSP 2022.