M.Sc. and B.Eng. thesis

M.Sc. and B.Eng. thesis

We are offering M.Sc. and B.Eng. theses as well as summer internships in various topics related to signal processing and machine learning. In case of interest, please contact directly a potential supervisor via email.

List of supervisors with example topics of past/currently offered M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses:

dr hab. inż. Konrad Kowalczyk, prof. AGH
“Deep neural networks for noisy and reverberant speech enhancement”, M.Sc. thesis, 2020.
“Method of source separation from audio signals and conversion to Ambisonic format using deep neural networks”, M.Sc. thesis, 2020.
“Maximum a posteriori estimation of noise second-order statistics based on multichannel recordings”, M.Sc. thesis, 2020.
“Speaker recognition in adverse acoustic conditions”, M.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“Acoustic Event Detection Using Deep Learning Methods”, M.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“Sound source localization using multiple Android-based devices”, B.Eng. thesis, 2020.
“Enhancement of audio signals transmitted by Android-based mobile devices”, B.Eng. thesis, 2020.
“Synchronization of audio signals sampled with independent clocks”, B.Eng. thesis, 2019.
“Acoustic scene transformations in Ambisonics”, B.Eng. thesis, 2019.
“Speech enhancement using distributed spatial filters”, B.Eng. thesis, 2019.
“Design and implementation of a multichannel system for acquisition and enhancement of speech signals using beamforming”, B.Eng. thesis, 2016.

dr inż. Jakub Gałka
“Sound synthesis using generative deep neural networks”, M.Sc. thesis, 2020
“Application of signal processing and modelling for exoplanet detection”, M.Sc. thesis, 2020
“Voice biometrics using deep neural networks”, M. Sc. thesis, 2020
“Acoustic camera – imaging of sound sources using MEMS microphone arrays”, B.Eng. thesis, 2020
“Active noise compensation headphones”, B.Eng. thesis, 2020
“Videochat image processing using deep neural networks”, M. Sc. thesis, 2019
“Audio enhancement using deep machine learning methods”, M.Sc. thesis, 2019
“Perceptual adaptive audio processing in real-time using ARM platform”, B.Eng. thesis, 2019
“Voice Conversion using Deep Learning”, B.Eng. thesis, 2019
“Biometric cryptographic key generation using error correction codes”, B.Eng. thesis, 2018

dr inż. Stanisław Kacprzak
“Integration of the voice interface with text adventure game”, B.Eng. thesis, 2021
“Transmission of multichannel audio signals from distributed Raspberry Pi devices”, B.Eng. thesis, 2021
“Natural language processing for medical applications of automatic speech recognition” M.Sc. thesis, 2020

dr inż. Magdalena Cybulska-Igras
“Role playing computer game using affective voice-user interface”, B.Sc. thesis, 2018.
“Multilinguality of voice assistants”, B.Sc. Thesis, 2019.
“A game inspired by the ant colony optimization algorithm – analysis and redesign on the basis on human behaviour”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“A product and a service based on voice user interface”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“VR interfaces analysis based on user experience heuristics”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“Impact of the interface on intensity of experiencing ASMR phenomenon”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“A design of a music recomendation system based on emotions and personality with use of wearable sensors”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“Voice user interface – challenges for designers”, B.Sc. thesis, 2019.
“Role, challenges and workshop of an UX designer in a SCRUM team – a prototyp of a virtual trainer” B.Sc. thesis, 2019.

dr inż. Przemysław Korohoda

dr inż. Przemysław Sypka